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Healthy Life Planning (HeLPSM) is a community healthcare management model that focuses on prevention and intervention across the healthcare continuum.

Our experience in community health has given us the expertise to create and implement a model that results in more efficient prevention and treatment of diseases, with a holistic focus on the patient’s "LifeCare” (i.e., physical, mental and spiritual, and social well-being). There is standard protocol for treatment – Awakened Alternatives knows and applies these standard procedures. However, our strength is in prevention and implementing a Healthy Life Plan where the patient’s involvement in his or her home environment is critical in the successful management of long term, sustainable health.

Program after program has been instituted to manage disease as a way of controlling costs. Thus, the focus has been on disease and controlling costs after a person has entered into care. But costs have continued to sky-rocket because not enough is being done to prevent patients from needing emergency visits and/or hospitalizations.

Though current models include physicians providing care in the home, they do not address the essential element of behavior change that leads to self-directed care.

Our Healthy Life Plan engages the patient in his or her environment and is not only reactive, but proactive. We assist the patient in learning about the disease process, goal-setting, quality of life improvement, and planning for unexpected health issues through ongoing assessment.
In addition, during the "LifePlanning Process" our team of professionals not only considers the consumer's healthcare needs, but the financial implications of their decisions.  HeLPSM addresses the needs of:
  • Hospital Systems
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Community Clinics
  • Government Entities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Long Term Care
  • Health Insurance
Does your healthcare system and its clients need HeLP? Contact us today at (708) 748-1520 to schedule a customized assessment and recommendation.

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