Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
Awakened Alternatives Enterprises, Inc. (AAE) has assembled a highly skilled, culturally competent, experienced, and compassionate team of medical experts with uncompromising standards for patient care. Collectively, the team has over 100 years of combined experience in case management and clinical leadership.
Our health care team consists of: Medical and Psychiatric Nurses, Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers, Certified Home Health Aides, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Physician Consultants, Geriatricians, Family Practice Physicians and Psychiatrists.
Our Team
Genevieve D. Thomas | President
Leslie Clarett | Executive Assistant
Paul A. Hobson | Executive Vice President
Tamara Thomas Lee | V.P. of  Business Operations
Segun Ishmael M.D. | Medical Director
Caramen Billheimer | Manager of Quality, Risk Management
George Henton | Financial Controller
Jacqueline Waldon | Director of Nursing
Wanda Russell | Patient Care Coordinator
Valerie Anderson | Human Resources Coordinator
Linette Johnson | Scheduler
Tara Durham | Nurse Supervisor
Renee Reed | Payroll and Billing Specialist
Practitioner Panel
John Cobo M.D. | Internal Medicine & Geriatrics
Yvette R. Collins D.D.S. |General Dentistry
Craig Copeland D.D.S. | General Surgery
Jeffrey Flag D.D.S. | Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Dentistry
Cynthia Henderson M.D. | Gastroenterology
Lemuel Shaffer M.D. | Obstetrics & Gynecology
Josephy Smedley PhD | Clinical Psychology
Myra Nash-Johnson LCSW |Clinical Social Worker
Laverne M. Barnes M.D. | Family Medicine

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